It is Mercury Corporation located in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Our company operates in three divisions: transportation, outsourcing, and civil engineering

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Company Name Mercury.Co.Ltd
Foundation June, 2006
Business Lines
  • General Worker Dispatching Undertakings (派 22-300260)
  • Private Employment Agency Service(22-ユ-300127)
  • Contracting Business
  • General Transportation Business(中運自貨第 130号)
  • Transportation Business(中運自貨第 130号)
Capital Ten million Yen
Head Office Headquarters Level 2 Kato Building, 4788-1-1-1 Hontoori 1-chome, Shimada city, Shizuoka 427-0022 Japan
TEL 0547-54-5512
FAX 0547-54-5513
Board of Directors President, CEO, and Representative Director 河岸 雅俊Director 森下 裕巳 Director 齋藤 十六 Standing Corporate Auditors 福地 正晴
Number of Employees

General Affairs Department 7

Staffing Department 200

Department of Transportation 12

 Number of temporary workers 237 people Margin rate 28.5% ※ As of the end of October, Heisei 30 Career formation support system available



When coming by train : Get off at Shimada station on JR Tokaido Line, 1 minute walk to the west at the North Exit intersection. View Larger Map

Please feel free to inquire. TEL 0547-54-5512 Office hours 9:00 - 18:00 [ Weekdays except holidays ]


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