It is Mercury Corporation located in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Our company operates in three divisions: transportation, outsourcing, and civil engineering

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Mercury.Co.Ltd. (“Mercury” or “we”) strives to ensure appropriate treatment of your personal information entrusted to it by its stakeholders. It is our important duty regards to our basic business activity to protect those information.

To provide reliable and safe services, all directors and employees shall be fully informed of and be required to observe this policy and related guidelines as below.

1、Basic Policy

  1. Mercury complies with the Law concerning Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations. Also we set company regulation (“Our regulation”) and we develop and improve the internal system designed to ensure appropriate treatment of personal information and to conduct ongoing personnel training programs for that purpose.
  2. Mercury establish management system for Personal Information and all directors and employees shall be fully informed of and be required to observe this policy and related guidelines.
  3. Mercury will handle Personal Information only within our Purpose of use, and we will not, without your prior consent, or agreement, use your personal information beyond the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of use.
  4. Mercury takes appropriate steps to ensure the safe management of your personal information to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, loss and damage. We also proceed development of information security system time to time.
  5. Mercury corresponds to customers inruiry, request of Personal Information quickly and fairly.

Enacted June 1st, 2017
Mercury.Co.Ltd. President CEO 河岸 雅俊

2、Purpose of Using Personal Information

When we are provided Personal Information from our customers, we ensure to disclose our purpose of use to our customers and we only use those information within our purpose. If there’s any change of usage, we will inform to customer and only if we have agreement we will change those purpose of use. The purpose of use provided Personal Information as follows.

  1. Personal Information related to customer
    • Meeting and conference with customer
    • Sending products and documents
    • Fliers for our service and event
    • Providing customer support, mentainance
    • Correspondence for inquiry and request
    • Providing membership-based service
    • Providing development of service, questionnaire, monitor, etc
    • Performance of a contract
  2. Personal Information related to recruitment
    • Providing and giving recruitment information to applicant (including internship)
    • Management of recruitment department

3、Acquisition of Fair Personal Information

We may collect personal information from individuals through proper and fair means.

4、Provision of Personal Information

  1. We will not provide private information collected from individuals to third parties without prior consent, exceptions as follow:
    1. Agreement from customer
    2. Action required by law
    3. In case of emergency to prevent damage human life, health, or property when the agreement cannot meet
    4. To delegate handling Personal Information not exceeding the scope necessary for Purpose of use
    5. When business succession is required due to merger, corporate division, sale of business or other occasion
  2. In case it’s necessary, we will provide customer’s address, name, phone numbers to related companies despite our policies listed above (1). In this case, customer can request to stop providing such information.

5、Contact for Personal Information-related Inquiries

Please contact us for Personal Information-related Inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, elimination of Personal Information via our Request Form.


1. About access information
On this site, we may obtain access log information in order to provide better service. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Access log acquisition is not intended to identify customer’s personal information.
2. About cookies
On this site, we use cookies (Cookie) as part of the site in order to use it more comfortably. Regarding cookie and IP address information, we can not distinguish specific individuals by themselves, so we do not regard them as personal information. For cookie information, it is possible to refuse it with browser setting.
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